El Autor


Seeing different places, communing with the locals and eating some sumptuous delicacies are just few rewards I got from traveling. As I can recall vividly, I made my first travel way back in high school when my school sent me as a delegate for a contest or seminars. From then on my desire for traveling awaken. To date, I can say that I visited most of the key cities in the country. This blog will help me reminisce my previous travels and look forward to my future travels.

This site is the soul of my existence. It mirrors my inner self.. my whole being. All of the entries herein are written to express my feelings and conveys my thoughts. You may or may not agree to some of them, but I want you to challenge you to go beyond what your eyes can read, ears can hear, skin can feel.. Look behind those barriers of human existence… Only then you will find your real purpose in life.

I am inviting all travel enthusiasts to come and let’s travel our dream places.