5 comments on “When contemporary meets our past

  1. Should we discard things of the past in hopes of a better future? How important is advancement without usage of old?

    Technology is good. We’ve done something better than what we use to by using the new. But in marriage terms, something old, something new, something borrowed, and something “blue”.

    I love the carriage. Gas price to high, another money saving way to get around.

    • Definitely we can’t neglect our past. Our past molds what we called today or even the future.
      Yes you’re right that carriage is economical and environment-friendly, but with this fast-paced world, time is of the essence. So faster forms of transportation is preferred.

  2. Yes in terms of transportation time is definitely of the essence, but in our fast paced world, I think we’re losing some things that we once cherished. Conversations. Spending time, quality time with each other.

    But everything’s not all bad.

  3. Virtual reality. Some spend more time on the internet than in the real world so to speak.

    You are correct, that personal compassionate is fading. But not gone.

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